Saturday, April 19, 2014

Graduation Cap!

Update: I've seen sooooooooo many different recreations of my graduation cap at other schools! I almost wish I hadn't posted a picture so I could have kept it all for myself, but I'm glad I could serve as some inspiration. In my mind, I always did it first. :)


Let's just say I'm absolutely obsessed with my graduation cap! University of Delaware's graduation is just 6 weeks away, but I had an entire day of free time so I decided to do some decorating. Needless to say I'm in love. I freehanded it completely from my own imagination.

The process was pretty simple. My cap was really wrinkly on top and it almost seemed like there was too much fabric for it to lay flat. I went underneath my cap and hot glued the fabric a little tighter so I had a smooth surface! Everything else was just done by some hand drawing with a white colored pencil, acrylic paints and a steady hand! It takes a lot of layers of acrylic paint to show up vibrantly on the cap, so make sure you take that into consideration!

I can't believe graduation is so soon. Gahhhhhh.

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